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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the virus continues to spread, our thoughts are with you and your families at this very difficult time.

Ever since the impact of the virus began taking an effect globally, we have been working with our clients around the clock to stabilise their businesses. In fact, THM has been working with businesses in crisis since its inception; it is what we do. So whilst the current crisis is unprecedented, THM has a proven crisis management approach that will enable your business to maximise its chances of survival and protect stakeholder value. For a quick overview of our practical approach to managing through a crisis, please follow this link

If you think THM’s services would be of value to your business or investment, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team, or email

The partners and staff at THM

Our Team

Fraser Brown


Fraser has over 15 years’ experience in distressed situations and transaction support across a number of jurisdictions.

Duncan Calverley

Managing Director

Duncan has 25 years’ professional experience in complex domestic and overseas transformation,  turnaround and restructuring assignments, working both with or as management for a diverse range of stakeholders in public and private sector organisations requiring rapid and substantial change.

Simon Caton

Managing Director

Simon has worked with stressed and distressed businesses for over 15 years.  

Chris Davis


Chris has over 16 years’ restructuring and value delivery experience across a range of industries and jurisdictions.

Neil Douglas

Managing Director

Neil has over 17 years’ experience specialising in operational and financial restructuring in complex multi‑national situations.

Chris Elkins

Managing Director

Chris re-joined THM in July 2017 and has 14 years’ experience working in stressed and distressed situations, across a broad range of industries and jurisdictions.

Matt Hinds

Co-Managing Partner

Matt has nearly 25 years’ experience in the operational and financial restructuring of complex multi-national companies.

Chris Hughes


Chris has more than 30 years’ experience leading assignments in corporate recovery, restructuring and insolvency.

Peter Morgan


Peter has over 25 years’ experience working with distressed companies, advising investors and management teams through financial restructurings.

Richard O'Dwyer


Richard is the former head of KPMG’s Financial Restructuring Team in London and has over 25 years’ of restructuring experience, having acted as a Board Director and as both creditor and debtor side adviser.

Ben Paice

Managing Director

Ben has worked in Corporate Restructuring for 12 years, undertaking a wide range of debtor and creditor side assignments with distressed businesses and more recently working on a number of Value Delivery situations.

Anthony Place

Co-Managing Partner

Anthony has worked with stressed and distressed businesses for nearly 25 years, focusing over the last 12 years on advising management teams and boards in financial restructuring and Value Delivery situations.

Neil Robson


Neil has worked with distressed companies for nearly 30 years, including 15 years in board or executive positions as CRO or CFO.

Mark Sweeting

Managing Director

Mark joined THM in June 2020 following five years as CFO of RA Holding Corp, the successor company to Arcapita Bank, a Bahrain bank with AUM in excess of $6 billion.

Andrea Trozzi


Andrea has over 16 years’ experience working as a director, adviser and buy-side investor in restructuring transactions.

James Westcott


James has worked in restructuring for over 16 years and worked with management teams and boards during financial restructuring and M&A transactions or in interim management roles.

Edward Wildblood


Edward has over 25 years’ experience working for public and private companies in financial restructuring situations, including acting as CRO.